A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Blueberry Quest is a simple 2D platformer heavily inspired by the likes of Rayman, the Donkey Kong Country series and the Earthworm Jim games.
You control Thistle as he makes his way through nine levels across three environments while collecting blueberries for breakfast.

I made this game in my spare time, while learning how to use Unity3D and doing a lot of drawing. All the characters are hand animated on paper then scanned, cleaned up and coloured digitally.
It was a lot of fun to make, and a lot of hard work.
I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for taking a look at it.

Move - A and D ot Left and Right Arrow keys
Jump - Space
Pause - Escape
Start - Enter

Xbox360 Gamepad:
Move - Left Analogue Stick or the D-Pad
Jump - A, B, X or Y buttons
Pause - Start button
Start - Start Button
*Other gamepads should work, but haven't been tested.*

Level Select: At the main menu,  hold down Z and B then press a number to load up that level (1 - 9)


BlueberryQuest_Win64.zip 45 MB
BlueberryQuest_Win32.zip 44 MB
BlueberryQuest_Linux.zip 57 MB
BlueberryQuest_Mac.zip 56 MB
BlueberryQuest_Android.apk 54 MB

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